After recent announcements by the Government and the evolving challenges brought by the Covid-19 Pandemic, ADASS President James Bullion, in a common statement with Jenny Coles, ADCS President, Nigel Riglar, ADEPT President, and Jeanelle de Gruchy, ADPH President, have jointly stated:


"Covid-19 has highlighted significant underlying inequalities and social injustice. A lack of investment in local places is having a major impact on many communities, and on the most vulnerable people in the country. This affects their quality of life, as well as whether they die younger than they would otherwise.

"The pandemic has reinforced our shared conviction that local councils are best placed to lead, manage, and shape their places. Social care for children and adults, schools, and other educational settings, a good job, childcare, libraries, green spaces, public transport, and high streets all define ‘place’ for the people who live, study, and work there, and they are passionate about making them better.

"Local councils need to be empowered to lead and shape their localities with their communities, tackle climate change, reset and regenerate the economy, reduce inequalities, and create more cohesive, resilient and safer places.

"Investing in local places is in the national interest and one of the most powerful tools of the leveling up agenda. We call on the government to ensure that the Spending Review provides both long term certainty and greater levels of funding for local councils.



Jeanelle de Gruchy, President, ADPH

James Bullion, President, ADASS

Jenny Coles, President, ADCS

Nigel Riglar, President, ADEPT