Responding to a new report ‘Reimagining Social Care’ by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) on innovative approaches to social care studied in three areas, Glen Garrod, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said:

“This timely report offers food for thought to my colleagues across the country, indeed all in the public sector and provides some very useful information not just on what these councils are doing which makes them different, but how they do it.

“Social care is being reimagined in these areas as they learn to deal with rising demand while having fewer resources, a familiar story which is being repeated across the country.

“While each council has developed their own approach, their shared commitment to making the most of the strengths and assets in local communities and the people who use local services is evident and offers some vital insights for everybody working in the sector.

“This report should serve as a valuable tool for all of those who work in social care and the wider public sector. Our thanks go to TLAP and the three councils involved (Wigan, Somerset and Thurrock) for a very helpful and important publication.”


The report ‘Reimagining Social Care’ is available on the TLAP website at