Responding to the launch of the NHS Universal Personalised Care delivery plan, Glen Garrod, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services said:

“I am delighted that our NHS colleagues have adopted personalisation. This is both a philosophy and a way of working that adult social care has been progressing and advocating for some time.  The document is to be commended for its content and ambition but also for the way in which it has been co-produced with people with lived experience and, with partner agencies. This is too important to be left to one organisation and deserves to be embraced by all public sector agencies.

“As this report states, some 2.5 million people who live with multiple long-term conditions are expected to benefit from personalised care by 2024. The NHS Long Term Plan says in its first chapter that this should be ‘business as usual’ across the health and care system.

“This new shift – a new enlightenment - marks a positive change in the relationship between those who work in the NHS and who receive the services. Directors of adult social care and their staff are ready to wholeheartedly embrace this new model of working in the NHS. Indeed, given the prominence personalisation has within the NHS Plan it would be inexcusable for the Government not to consider how to use the Green Paper to ensure it continues to thrive across social care and potentially housing services.

“However unless adult social care is given the long-term sustainable funding settlement we have long been calling for, at a time when existing services are already overstretched, the admirable aims outlined in this plan will be increasingly difficult to achieve.”