Responding to social care plans announced in political party manifestos, Margaret Willcox, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), said:

“ADASS very much welcomes the recognition across the political parties of the importance of supporting older and disabled people and their carers to live dignified lives with the high quality social care and support they need in the place they want to be.

“We will work with the government of the day to the end of creating a fair and sustainable social care system. We have been providing evidence along with people who use social care and those who represent them of the need for adequate funding to meet rising needs in our communities.

“We are committed to working across the health, housing, justice, social care and other systems to provide services that provide the right care for people with disabilities of all ages.

“We would welcome any additional resources that support more people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible through specialist housing and the use of technology. Supporting the many millions of family carers is vital. Any future charging arrangements for domiciliary care need to be fair, but also guard against unintended consequences of encouraging people to delay gaining the help and support they need to prevent high cost hospital and care home admissions.

“We would welcome understanding how the sustainability of the social care system is assured overall, including how much additional government funding is envisaged alongside these increased charges to individuals and how the profound regional variation in the value of homes will play out in the context of a single capital limit.

“The pressures on the social care system are significant and rising. Extra money in the short term has been welcome. The gap in funding by the end of the decade is estimated to be in the region of £2.5 billion – there is a need to deal with this funding gap and for any new government to act urgently to give confidence to many thousands of people in this country and their families who need and depend on social care.”


CONTACT: Alan Harris, ADASS Media Office, 0207 664 3239