Glen Garrod, Vice President of the Association for the Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), said:

“This is a welcome recognition of the importance of social care. ADASS has long called for a more coherent approach towards health and social care, and ensuring that the responsible Government department does this is an essential first step.

“We hope the Secretary of State will see social care as crucial in its own right, and not just viewed through the prism of what it can do for healthcare. Social care is responsible for over 1.4 million jobs, and supports over 1 million of our most vulnerable adults. With a funding gap of over £2 billion, this will be one of the most essential tasks for the new Department to get to grips with in making sure that a long-term, sustainable funding solution is provided to address this. The upcoming green paper on social care, which is expected in the summer, is an ideal opportunity to do so.

“Every day, social workers and social care staff across the country make a huge difference to the lives of older people, and adults of working age with disabilities. It’s essential that this work is recognised with a determination in the new department to put social care on the secure financial footing it needs, and to deliver better quality health and social care solutions, that can benefit individuals and communities across the country.”