Responding to Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement on prevention and mental health, Julie Ogley, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services said:

“Mental health and wellbeing plays an essential part in keeping our communities happy and healthy, particularly for young people, so it is good that the Government has recognised the value of prevention and early intervention. We particularly welcome the extra funding for local authorities to further strengthen suicide prevention plans and the updating of social workers’ professional standards to support better mental health practice.

"We also welcome the news of a White Paper before the end of the year responding to the Mental Health Act review and look forward to confirmation that investing in preventative services will be high on the Government's agenda. It is also good to know that the use of police custody cells as places of detention for those with mental illness is to be ended.

“Anything which helps prevent people from becoming mentally unwell in the first place should be encouraged and continue to be a priority. Early investment in treatment and intervention is the best way to protect our most vulnerable members of society while reducing pressure on already over-stretched acute care services.

“Promoting good mental as well as physical health, by investing in community mental health services, is vital in the same way that stopping people smoking is. It reduces reliance on the NHS and social services in the long term, while helping people to live better quality lives.”