Ahead of the broadcast of the Panorama programme ‘Crisis in Care – Part 2: Who Pays?’, the second of a two-part documentary about the social care system, Julie Ogley, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said:

“Panorama is shining an essential spotlight on the incredibly difficult decisions being made every day by those who both receive and work in social care.

“The second part of this documentary will be taking a broader look at the social care system, not just in Somerset, and the inevitable consequences and implications if we as a country fail to come up with a long-term, sustainable funding solution.

“These include an increase in people paying for their own care due to a lack of support, care homes closing, home care contracts being handed back to councils, increased pressure on carers and those who rely on care falling through the gaps and missing out on having their needs met altogether.

“Council commissioned adult social care provides care, support, and safeguards for those people in our communities who have the highest level of need and for their carers. Good care and support transforms lives, helping people to live good lives, or the best they can, in a variety of circumstances.

“This enhances health and wellbeing, increasing independence, choice and control. It is distinctive, valued, and personal.

“However, what both programmes highlight is that social care has reached a crisis point, with funding failing to keep pace with the rising needs of people in England. We are living longer but have more complex care and support needs. Once those needs would have been met by the NHS or in institutions. Now we want to be part of our families and communities.

“This has to be addressed as a matter of urgency in the upcoming Spending Review.”


Panorama, ‘Crisis in Care – Part 2: Who Pays?’, is due to be broadcast on Wednesday 5 June at 9.00pm:


The first part of the Panorama documentary, called ‘Who Cares?’, broadcast last week is available to watch on BBC iPlayer here: