Responding to the National Audit Office’s report on the workforce for social care, Margaret Willcox, President of ADASS, said:

“ADASS welcomes this report by the National Audit Office on the Adult Social Care workforce.  ADASS recognises the workforce challenges identified by the report and has consistently called on the Government to develop a long-term, sustainable financial solution for the sector in addition to providing interim funding to help with the crisis affecting adult social care.

“Social care staff across the country work incredibly hard every single day to try and make sure that older people, or adults with disabilities, are able to have as fulfilling a life as they possibly can. It is only fair that these workers should be able to fulfil their potential, and feel that they have a rewarding career in return for that crucial work.

“It is helpful that the report identifies that many people working in the sector find it rewarding, but if those same staff do not believe they are valued for the work they do, and believe there are limited opportunities for career progression, particularly compared with similar roles in health, there is a constant challenge of resulting high staff turnover, and difficulties with recruitment and retention. 

“ADASS welcomes the report’s conclusion that the Department of Health and Social Care needs to address this challenge urgently and give the care workforce the attention it requires, so that the sector has the right people to provide consistently safe and high-quality care. 

“ADASS hopes that the upcoming Adult Social Care green paper will provide a long-term, sustainable funding solution, and is committed to working with the Government to support them to achieve this. ADASS recognises, however, that the workforce challenges cannot be resolved with funding only, and welcomes the report’s recommendation that the Department should produce a robust national workforce strategy to address the major challenges currently facing the care workforce.”