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Responding to the latest Skills for Care report ‘Size and structure of the adult social care sector and workforce in England, 2019’, Julie Ogley, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said:


“It is great news that the adult social care workforce in England continues to grow and this report is very helpful in setting this out. Our workforce helps people live the lives they want, providing valued and personalised care, as well as contributing greatly to our national economy. But recruiting and retaining these skilled and invaluable staff is impossible whilst the prevailing approach is that they are minimum wage staff and not recognised as valued for immigration purposes.


“As England’s ageing and disabled population grows and as needs become more complex, the need for a sustainable, long-term plan, and a systematic change in the way we approach adult social care has never been clearer.”


“The Skills for Care report is a welcomed addition to the debate on the future of adult social care, one that demonstrates how increasing funding and planning locally and nationally, benefits people receiving care, providing care, and the nation as a whole.”