“We should all be able to access good hospital treatment and care when we need it. But first and foremost, we all want to be well, happy, and lead good lives in the comfort of our own homes, and for many of us this may mean getting extra help and support from our GPs, nurses, and of course, social care. However, the number of GPs and nurses in England has fallen dramatically in the past 10 years, with GP numbers at the lowest they’ve even been in relation to the size of the population of England, meaning this help and support is becoming increasingly difficult for many to obtain.

“Last week’s spending round gives adult social care some short-term stability, which was necessary to stop things getting worse, and we are waiting for more information about how this extra money will be allocated. At ADASS, we’re looking forward to working with the government, parliament, those who need care and support, and partners to look at long term funding reform of adult social care and long term plan to make sure that everyone can get the care and support they need.”




Notes to Editors