Responding to the latest Delayed Transfer of Care figures, which show that delays attributable to social care fell by almost 40 per cent compared to June last year, Julie Ogley, Vice President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said:

“Despite significant pressures, our dedicated social care workforce has once again made an incredible impact, keeping delays to transfers of care lower than at this point last year. However, the pressures facing our care and health services, compounded by a lack of certainty around the long-term funding for social care, are increasing, and there is only so much that dedication can do.

“We welcome the recent investment announced for the NHS, however, as has been remarked before, investing in the health service without investing in social care is like pouring water down a sink without leaving the plug in.

“None of us want to need social care, in the same way that none of us wants to be sick, but all of us at some point will have a loved one who will depend on it or we may even need it ourselves. By kicking the social care green paper into the Autumn, the Government has further delayed providing not just funding, but much-needed answers on how we are going to plan to look after us when we are older or disabled.

“With more of us living longer, the pressures on our social care system will only increase unless we put in place a long-term funding solution as soon as possible. In the meantime, it’s essential that urgent and interim funding is made available to help ease the pressures on the system and help us help the people in our care live the lives they want to live.”