Responding to the latest Delayed Transfer of Care figures, published by NHS Digital, Glen Garrod, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said: 

“The pressure that the social care system is under is clearly evident in these figures,  further intensified as a result of the warm temperatures we saw over the Summer, which demonstrate the impact of significant shortfalls in funding on social care departments across the country.

“Social care is about so much more than reducing pressure on hospitals – it supports people to have greater independence with more choice and control – but these figures demonstrate the need for social care to be fully resourced. The recently announced £240m is welcome but only a temporary arrangement – the upcoming budget and green paper from the Government are two ideal opportunities to make this happen.

“The Government’s recent announcement of £240 million for social care was a positive step in the right direction, but it’s essential the remit for this funding extends beyond reducing delays to care transfers and can be used to help support care in the community, which can reduce pressures on the health service and help people live independently.

“Should we ever need social care, we would want to be supported to live as fulfilling lives as possible, so that we can be active members of our communities. Going forward, this can only be achieved if the Government broadens the scope of social care to be about more than reducing delays, and provides the long-term funding solution that the sector desperately needs in the upcoming green paper on social care.”