Responding to a report on the health and care workforce by the Health Foundation, The King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust, Glen Garrod, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said:

“Adult social care derives its strength from the many people who work in it.

“Our valued, dedicated and skilled workforce, which includes care workers, activities coordinators, personal care assistants, social workers and occupational therapists, perform essential everyday tasks to help look after those who rely on them.

“This report rightly highlights that a comprehensive overhaul of social care funding is needed immediately to stop staff leaving the sector due to lower pay and conditions. This runs the risk of being exacerbated by pay policies for NHS staff such as increased training and bursaries, potentially attracting people with some of the same skills and qualities needed in social care.

“In the last year, social care has shown how vulnerable it is with both national and local providers struggling to run a viable business and retain essential staff. Social care is fragile and critically needs the people working in it to want to continue and for others to be able to join.

“Given the number of people working in social care that come from the EU, it is likely that the sector will struggle to cope unless there is an absolute guarantee from government that our colleagues from EU countries can continue to come to work here, without disruption.

“The Government also needs to provide the same assurance and guarantees as it has done for the NHS and produce a sustainable, long-term funding settlement for social care in its imminent green paper.”