Responding to the Joint Housing, Communities and Local Government and Health and Social Care Joint Select Committee’s report on social care funding, Glen Garrod, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said:

“A long-term funding solution for adult social care remains essential – the pressing need for a funding solution for adult social care has been thrown into sharp relief after the recent announcements to find an additional £20 Billion for the NHS. Without a solution for social care we have an incoherent national strategy for meeting people's increasingly complex needs and this is the equivalent of pouring water down the sink with the plug removed.

“We are pleased to see the Committee highlighted the need for a long term solution. We fully support the Committee's focus on the protection of social care in its proposals and emphasis on the public need to see future funding as equitable, transparent and fair. We also stand firmly behind the call in this report for urgent short-term funding. The delay in publication of the social care Green Paper until Autumn, will leave many social care departments without the necessary funding to offer as much choice and control for local residents who need care.

“This important contribution puts on record cross-party support for a long-term funding solution for adult social care. The amount of evidence is overwhelming - the case has been made and it is now critical that the Government make significant progress in finding a necessary solution for a vital public service.”