Responding to the latest NHS England figures for delayed transfers of care in June 2017, published today, Margaret Willcox, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), said:

“Hardworking social workers and care staff continue to do a tremendous job under challenging circumstances to provide personal and dignified care to older and disabled people. However, today’s delayed transfer of care show that more needs to be done to help tackle adult social care which remains at a tipping point as more people are needing care and costs are rising.

“The fact that the proportion of delayed discharges attributable to social care has reached a record high is of concern to ADASS as this impacts on older and disabled people and the fragile care market.

“The additional £1 billion funding that was announced earlier this year for adult social care has been very welcome, but adult social care continues to be under financial pressure and much of the extra social care funding is being spent to meet demographic pressures, rising demand and avoid cuts.

“Without a long-term sustainable solution to funding adult social care, people who are medically fit to leave hospital will continue to experience delays in their transfers of care, which causes anxiety and stress. We look forward to contributing to debates about finding a long term sustainable solution to adult social care funding.”


Notes to editors


  • This month’s overall DToC figure is slightly up (178,441 days) compared to May 2017 (178,390 days)
  • The number of delayed days for social care in June 2017 were 67,853 – a 2.5% increase on May 2017 (66,200). The April 2017 figure was 67,105
  • 38% of delays (a record level) in June 2017 were attributable to social care, which is up from 33.1% in June 2016. The previous record level of delays due to social care was in April 2017 (37.9%)
  • The main reason for social care delays in June 2017 was patients awaiting care package in their own home. This accounted for 22,300 delayed days (32.8% of all social care delays), which was the same as May 2017
  • The delayed transfer of care report for June 2017 published by NHS England is available here