Responding to the Care Quality Commission’s ‘State of Care’ report, Glen Garrod, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), said:

“This report is an important contribution to our national debate around how we fund, organise and provide the best care possible. The fact that a postcode lottery of access and quality now exists, with many areas at or beyond a tipping point owing to care funding shortfalls, is both a highly personal and a national tragedy.

“The human impact of this will be felt by all of us, especially our parents and grandparents who need care and support , as well as adults with disabilities trying to live as fulfilling a life as possible. Our amazing social care staff do all they can to provide exceptional care, but with no long-term funding plan for social care, the sombre truth is that people will face reduced choices and delays when it comes to deciding what care will work best for them, and that social care departments are increasingly having to cope with more demand with less funding available to support it.

“Our population is changing, and demand is growing. The need for the Government to publish its green paper, which must contain a long-term funding solution, is urgent, but in the meantime, the Government must seize the opportunity of the budget to provide more resources to support social care for the population, in order to cope with our growing national care crisis.”