Responding to the CQC’s State of Care Report 2020-21, Cathie Williams, ADASS Chief Executive said:


CQC’s State of Care report always provides an important oversight of health and social care in England. This year the dreadful impact of the pandemic is necessarily highlighted, not least in the stark effect it had in exposing and exacerbating inequalities, inequalities that resulted in the deaths of so many people.


Social care is a significant part of the report and a significant part of all of our lives. The report illustrates the incredible commitment of people working in care and the precarious situation facing care provision, unpaid carers and those of us with care and support needs as we go into an incredibly difficult winter.  The government's announcement of a further short-term injection of funding for workforce is welcome but a small proportion of what is needed and very late in the day given the worsening recruitment and retention situation.  


One-off Covid funding has ensured the short-term, but not the long-term viability of struggling providers. Little has been done to reward and retain the dedicated and compassionate people working in social care.  Too many people are missing out on vital care and support.

We look forward to the Spending Review and to the consultation documents which the government promises will address the short and longer term challenges and enable those of us who are older or disabled and who are carers to live the lives we want to live. Without further action, a bleak winter lies ahead. 

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