Responding to the Care Quality Commission report Beyond Barriers: How older people move between health and social care in England, Glen Garrod, the President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said:

“This report is a valuable contribution to our ongoing national conversation about how we provide a ‘whole person’ approach to meeting people's needs. This is essential if we are to provide the tailored, individual approach to social care that the people we support desperately need.

“Social care teams across the country work unbelievably hard to deliver exceptional care for people who need it, and it’s encouraging to see this report recognise that, as well as the need for long-term investment in social care and the need to have a joint – and long term – approach to  workforce recruitment, training and development.

“It’s clear that in some areas that much-needed investment in care cannot come quickly enough, with the system clearly under strain. There is a clear need for urgent change but the best approach is one led by the sector itself. The benefits of good collaboration between health and care organisations around the needs of an individual, including sector-led improvement, greater transparency and greater trust among colleagues, cannot be overstated. We need an approach that breaks down barriers to collaboration, not builds them back up.

“Alongside the long-term funding we need, it’s essential we develop a system that is both led by and supportive of the sector. Both of these should be embraced by the upcoming social care green paper, which is now scheduled to be delivered in the Autumn.”