Responding to recent ministerial statements that the long overdue proposals to sort out adult social care are likely to be further delayed until 2021, escalating infection rates and the potential of further tragic impacts over winter for older and disabled people, their families and the staff who are for them, James Bullion, ADASS President said: 


"People in this country who are older and disabled, and those of us who care for older and disabled relatives, can see that social care in an increasingly difficult position, with the strains clear. Coronavirus, on top of underfunding for essential services over many years, means that there is a risk of partial or complete breakdown in the next few months, despite the exceptional work done by paid and unpaid carers.

"The prospect of reform proposals was the promise that kept us all going.  The ability to deal with the pandemic and to face what is likely to be the most difficult winter any of us have ever faced, has been bolstered by the expectation of a better future and the type of care that we all want for ourselves and our families. People are giving a lot to keep services going.

"Failure to reform increases the need for the Government to deliver three things immediately.

"First, a fully funded plan for social care this winter which expands capacity, and places adult social care on the same sure footing as the NHS.

"Second, to prioritise testing with the utmost urgency so that those of us who are most vulnerable to the impact of the virus can be as safe as we can.

"Third, a multiple year funding settlement that gives older and disabled people, carers, staff and local authorities certainty that they will continue to get the care and support they need to live good lives, as well as to create the space for the development of those reform proposals that are so desperately needed. We cannot go on as we are. 



The Association of Directors of Adults Social Services is a charity.

Our objectives include:

  • Furthering comprehensive, equitable, social policies and plans which reflect and shape the economic and social environment of the time;
  • Furthering the interests of those who need social care services regardless of their backgrounds and status; Promoting high standards of social care services.

Our members are current and former directors of adult care or social services and their senior staff. For more information, please contact the ADASS press team on 0207 664 3239 or email: