In response the announcement regarding the compulsory vaccination of staff working in a CQC-registered care home in England, an ADASS spokesperson said:  

ADASS has argued strongly for vaccination of care workers and family carers and has worked relentlessly to encourage take-up. However, we recognise there is deep hesitancy on the part of some individuals and among some communities, especially in areas where up to 60% of care staff are from BAME communities. 

We have concerns that making vaccination compulsory for care home workers will drive skilled and valued people out of jobs that they love for better pay in retail and hospitality. There were already more than 100,000 job vacancies in adult social care in England before the pandemic.

We urge the government to listen to arguments for a fair and flexible approach to any vaccination requirement. We call also as a matter of utmost urgency for funding to improve significantly the pay of social care workers who are expected to comply with these special conditions.