ADASS Nine Statements to Help Shape Adult Social Care Reform

ADASS has today set out the stepping stones for change in adult social care. This includes a two year funding settlement from the government, to help stabilise the current position, enable a big conversation with the public, and transition to a long term future that enables the type of care and support we all want for ourselves and our families in the future. We published nine statements that offers significant insight on what we believe can help shape the future of adult social care

James Bullion, President of ADASS has said:

 Social care can transform our lives. We must move away from models of care that eke out every penny, short care visits, care homes that are too big to be homes, outdated forms of care that keep people alive but don’t give them a life.  Those who have care and support needs, carers, social care staff, think tanks, politicians from all parties, journalists, local government, the NHS, the public all know this has to change. Ten years of reductions in funding has stymied the excellent intentions of good legislation and everyone working in social care.  Everyone knows that this needs to be sorted out.

Covid-19 has exposed the brilliance of everyone involved in social care - the social work and social care workforce, their courage, commitment and compassion. The pandemic has already changed the way we experience care and support.  Rather than simply reinforcing and protecting what we have, we have an opportunity to do something fundamentally different.  We must seize this opportunity to work with working age disabled people, older people, carers and those working in social care to shape a better future and to not just reimagine, but to shape the care that we all want for ourselves and our families for years to come.