02 November 2020



The absence of visits for older and disabled residents in care homes is having a profoundly detrimental effect on their health, welfare, and wellbeing. This has to be considered, even in a lockdown which is necessary to give a little more protection for older and disabled people. Jointly with Healthwatch and the Care Support Alliance (CSA), ADASS wrote to the Secretary of State, to voice our concerns. While we welcomed and are grateful for the response received, we do believe that additional steps, and in a timely manner, should be considered going forward to address this pressing issue and enable us to provide the care, support, and emotional well-being we all want for ourselves and our families. Infection control is critically important in relation to life and physical health, but so is emotional well-being and what makes life worth living.

On this issue, ADASS Immediate Past President, Julie Ogley, stated:

"People’s full range of needs must be considered in relation to visiting policies. Any entry (whether by visitors, staff, or maintenance staff) carries a degree of risk. Some providers have suitable environments (or adaptations), PPE, and reliable testing to enable visiting to happen as safely as possible. The views of all residents and their families should be sought as to the levels of risk they are willing to take as well as respecting and protecting the lives of others.

"Whilst, as a nation, we are facing enormous challenges to minimise the risk of infection and the spread of Covid-19, we must recognise the detrimental impact that not seeing a loved one for a prolonged length of time can have on the individual’s emotional, mental and physical well-being. 

“It is pivotal that we strike the right balance between protecting ourselves, people in care, care staff, our families, and our local communities, and the well-being of the individual.


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