Responding to Saturday’s GP vote on care home visits, ADASS president Ray James said:

“There are increasing pressures on social care and health services. We are enjoying longer lives and this can mean we need more care and treatment to help manage illness as we get older.

“All citizens should have equal access to high quality care and health services. Some GPs are providing fantastic services in care homes particularly where a GP or a group of GPs take a particular interest in a home or a group of residents. This helps to keep people out of our hard pressed hospitals.

“We accept that there is a limit to how much we can reasonably expect of our dedicated and hardworking GPs, it is perhaps a sign of the strain they feel that they have taken such a disappointing decision. However, the NHS should not stop at the door of the care home.

“We urge the BMA and the NHS to ensure access to high quality care from GPs and their colleagues in primary care. Not to do so will increase hospital admissions and therefore costs.”


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ADASS is a charity. Our members are current and former directors of adult care and social services and their senior staff. Our objectives include:

  • Furthering comprehensive, equitable, social policies and plans which reflect and shape the economic and social environment of the time
  • Furthering the interests of those who need social care services regardless of their backgrounds and status and
  • Promoting high standards of social care services

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