ADASS Executive Council Meetings

18th October 2011

Appendix A - Commissioning Support Design Primciples London 12 Oct 2011
Appendix A - Making It Real 13 Oct 2011
Appendix A - Future Forum Integration Workstream 12 Oct 2011
Appendix B
Appendix B - Reform slide
Appendix C ADASS Report Personalisation Survey 5 Oct 2011
Appendix D ADASS Work Programme Update Sept 2011
Appendix E Adult Social Care Efficiency Nov 2011 Prospectus
Appendix F Draft ADASS Response to the Local Government Resource Review
Appendix G - not on website as subject to revision
Appendix H Civil Contingencies
Appendix I CHC Policy Network
Appendix J Pro forma - Policy Network Reports
Appendix K Pro forma - Older Peoples Network
Appendix L Physical Disabilities
Appendix M Resources Network
Appendix N Safeguarding Adults
Appendix O Standards and Performance Network