ADASS Councils on track to meet 30 per cent target for personal budgets

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Putting People First Consortium
Date: Tuesday 7th December 2010
Embargo: Immediate

Almost one in four people eligible are now receiving personal budgets, with almost half of those taking direct payments, an ADASS survey has found.



The latest Putting People First Personal Budgets facts and figures report has outlined how councils in England are going with rolling out personal budgets between April and September 2010.

The figures were 55 per cent up on previous results from March 2010 where only one in six people had a personal budget, suggesting councils were well on their way to meeting the 30 per cent target by April 2011.

Other headline figures include:

  • Councils forecast around 376,000 eligible people will have a personal budget by March 2011.
  • While only 30 per cent of councils met or exceeded their personal budget predictions for September 2010 overall, predictions were more accurate. 
  • 22 per cent of all eligible older people have a personal budget. 59 councils gave more than 20 per cent of older people with services a budget, compared to only 24 councils in March 2010.
  • 23 per cent of all eligible people under 65 have a personal budget. 73 councils are giving personal budgets to more than 20 per cent of other adults with services compared to 67 in March 2010.
  • Some councils are reporting big increases in spend on personal budgets from March 2010, which is estimated at £901 million.

Jeff Jerome, National Director for Transformation, commenting on the survey results said:

These figures are very encouraging and show both a widening and quickening in delivery of personal budgets. It looks as though only a shrinking minority of councils are off the pace. Getting money to individuals and ensuring everyone has the help and information to identify their needs and find potential solutions strongly remains the key goals for transforming adult social care. We want to make sure people have better choice, control and experiences through a broadening of what is available in the market to help them.

ADASS President Richard Jones said: "These results show that DASSs in England will hit their targets, and will even exceed them nationally by the end of the financial year. Personal Budgets are about a major transformation of the way public services will be delivered over the coming years: a shift of responsibility from the state to the citizen - an agenda which adult social care is leading.

"However important the numbers are, it is outcomes that we now want to focus on for citizens and their families. The measures outlined in a recently, widely-backed publication Think Local; Act Personal set out the next steps all departments will be wanting to follow in the coming years."


Notes to editors:

  • The figures come from the Putting People First Facts and Figures Survey September 2010 which surveyed council progress between April and September 2010. 
  • 244,000 people with ongoing support needs have a personal budget, compared to 140,000 people in March 2010.
  • 82 per cent of councils across England responded to the survey (125 of 152 councils).
  • The Putting People First Programme is now in its third and final year. A new partnership agreement Think Local, Act Personal is currently being finalised and is available at
  • The Putting People First consortium is ADASS and the Local Government Group working with the Department of Health and others to transform adult social care.
  • For further information, please contact Jeff Jerome on 020 7072 7437 or Richard Jones on 01772 534390