The Association of Directors of Adults Social Services is a membership charity. Our members are current and former directors of adult care or social services and their senior staff, supported by a small but diverse and exceptionally
high performing and committed staff team.

Our objectives include promoting public awareness of policy to support adults in need of care, support or safeguarding and the inclusion of older, disabled and mentally ill people in all aspects of society. You can learn more about who we are and what we do at www.adass.org.uk.

ADASS’ income is derived from government contracts, membership fees, events and support from commercial partners sympathetic to our charitable aims. We are seeking someone to help us:

• Consolidate and develop our existing and partnership income and
• Identify and develop new revenue streams sympathetic with our values and charitable objectives

This is an invitation to submit your proposal as to how you can help us develop sympathetic and sustainable revenue. We are open to new ideas, activities and ways of working. We hope to get someone in place from April 2021 to allow some handover, and anticipate reviewing the work formally after 6 months. The person or people we are looking for will need to demonstrate:

• empathy for the organisation’s values and objectives
• an understanding of how to commercialise the assets of the organisation: i.e. its credibility, knowledge, experience and thought leadership
• an ability to engage with the staff and the membership
• a sound and self-supporting commercial approach
• a confidence in and willing to share knowledge of the potential of webinar and other communications technology and
• a willingness to take us in new directions such as charity fundraising.

Selection criteria will be based on the credibility of:
• The experience and knowledge of the person concerned
• The potential activity/ies
• The potential income and effort involved
• The coherence of the proposals with ADASS’ values and objectives

Responding to this invitation:
1. Please provide a statement of not more than 4 sides setting out your proposal. Proposals should include:

• An outline of the skills and experience of the proposer
• An outline of potential activities
• An estimate of potential income
• An outline or options for how much the proposer will expect to be paid for the work and whether that is to be on a day rate or a percentage of income generated
• An outline of perceived sensitivities that will have to be managed
• Reference to your availability, ability to travel and any special requirement

2. Please attach a CV of the person proposed to deliver this.
3. Please forward your submission to Julie.boulting-hodge@adass.org.uk