The annual ADASS Budget Survey is an authoritative analysis of the state of adult social care finances drawn from the experiences of current leaders in adult social care. It provides in-depth intelligence on how adult social care is responding to the multiple challenges of meeting increased expectations and need, whilst managing resources in an environment where Local Government funding is reducing, the provider and labour markets are fragile and the impact is affecting, and affected by, what is happening in the NHS.

The Spring Budget recognised this and the significant and sustained reductions over a number of years in the funding available. An additional £2bn over three years, £1bn of which is available in 2017/18, enables councils to avoid what would have been a precipice in social care. All political parties recognised this in their 2017 election manifestos. The social care system “will collapse if we do nothing about it, as there will be two million more people over the age of 75 within 10 years”, the prime minister has said. (quoted on the BBC website).

The survey explores Directors’ views of how councils are trying to make very difficult decisions in relation to the growing numbers of people, with increasingly complex needs, requiring care and support, which is costing more,  and with funding which isn’t keeping pace. The survey data clearly sets out the concerns of councils in making increasingly difficult choices and their attempts to minimise impacts upon the front line services that are so valued and necessary for those needing them.

In that the Survey is widely used by others in the social care field, it also highlights how social care funding impacts on people needing care and support and their families and carers, providers and the NHS.

The survey has been completed by 95% of councils and I am extremely grateful to all of my colleague Directors of Adult Social Services in England for their support and contribution to this important work and to the ADASS Resources Leads, Jane Harris from Cordis Bright and the ADASS Staff Team for coordinating and producing this report.


Margaret Willcox OBE



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