Social Care is such a large part of local government spend that reductions are inevitable, although Councils are working hard to offset cost reductions, meet demographic pressures and integrate funding with the NHS. The reduction in spend by £1bn adds to the known gaps in social care funding and makes it imperative that this Government delivers on its promise to see through the reform of how we pay for long term care.

Key Conclusions:
  • Councils are reducing their budgets for adult social care by £991M, representing a 6.9% reduction against a 10% reduction in overall spending by councils.
  • Councils are reducing by £169M their spend on Supporting People.
  • 13% of councils are changing their FACS criteria. There are now 78% councils at Substantial in 11/12 compared to 70% in 10/11 and 4% at critical only.
  • 79% councils have frozen or increased fees to providers.
  • The full amount of the reablement resources has been identified with strong levels of agreement with the NHS on areas of spend.
  • 95% of the Winter Pressure allocation was identified, with 89% of councils reporting agreement on how this allocation will be spent.
  • The full year NHS Transfer is still to be determined with 57% not yet agreed
  • £425m of demographic pressures were identified with 41% of councils fully funding these pressures.