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We have about 120 members, mostly ex-Directors but now including former extended members. Many of us are still involved in social care matters, either directly or through non-Executive roles in Health, Housing, Social Care or other aspects of the Voluntary Sector.

Some are working as consultants, chairing safeguarding boards, undertaking reviews and support work. Others offer their time on a voluntary basis to mentor senior managers in Social Care, support ADASS policy areas or work with chairs of policy networks. Many of us do paid and voluntary work.

Becoming an ADASS Associates has many perks. 

We can circulate specifications for projects to our network for ADASS and other organisations which Associates are free to respond to - paid or unpaid. We communicate, support and meet together through the year. Associates aim to continue to uphold the Vision and Values of ADASS, in any support work we do.

If you think you might be eligible to join our network and you'd like to apply, please click on the 'associate membership form' button below, or get in touch with our team!