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  • Welcome

    Welcome to the ADASS Website - the home of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, and the voice of adult social care.  The site contains the whole range of policy initiatives, press releases and consultation responses that constitute so much of the daily activity of the Association's members, and is regularly updated.

    The main contact details of the Association can be found at the foot of every page.  Please use this address to post comments about this site - we value your views.  For other contact details see Contacts.

  • Implementing care and support reforms: new guidance

    The care and support reform programme is a joint venture between ADASS, the Local Government Association and Department of Health. It is designed to support local areas in implementing the care and support reforms in the context of the other changes and challenges for local health and care systems, including the Better Care Fund. View its website at

  • Integrated Care Tool Kit

    ADASS  has partnered with the Local  Government Association(LGA),  NHS England, The Association of Directors of Children's Services (ADCS), Monitor, NHS Confederation and the Department of Health (DH) to deliver a programme of work  to support the integration of health and social care.  This work includes the development of a Toolkit, which should enable Health and Wellbeing Boards and local partners to understand the evidence and impact of different integrated care models on service users, as well as the associated impact on activity and cost to different parts of the health and care system. The Toolkit can be accessed via the following link Integrated Care Toolkit 


  • Paying for Care

    The newly launched
    PayingForCare Calculator

  • Dementia Challenge

    For all the latest updates on the Prime Minister's Dementia Challenge, and especially for the health and care Challenge Group, go to